Native "Mandan Bride" Flint Corn - Flour - Cornmeal
Native "Mandan Bride" Flint Corn - Flour - Cornmeal
Native "Mandan Bride" Flint Corn - Flour - Cornmeal
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Native "Mandan Bride" Flint Corn - Flour - Cornmeal

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Mandan Bride Flour or Cornmeal. It was grown in a pesticide-free and chemical-free field. A small well-managed plot using natural fertilizers and crop rotations of heirloom varieties (not a big commercial mono-cultured crop) however, not certified organic. 

Stone-ground grits and flour. Nothing is removed. No chemicals are added.

After we get your order we grind your grits or flour. So orders are not processed immediately.  We grind all orders and ship the same day. Shipping may take longer depending on the current order volume.   

 Our  Mandan Bride cornmeal is a native variety of flint corn that was hand-harvested and dried naturally to retain the flavor and nutrients of the corn. These whole-grain stone ground products are a better alternative to the highly processed flours available in the supermarket.  Thank you for supporting us! 

Stone-ground grits should be refrigerated or frozen to ensure freshness and flavor.  When your order arrives immediately freeze or refrigerate in an airtight container.

Note: If you don't see what you want email us. We only have a few pounds left of Mandan Bride Corn and then we will be sold out for the year until we grow more again.  Because of how the shopping cart works, we have listed the remaining availability into "variants" of flour, and cornmeal but in reality, we grind it after your order is placed.  So the inventory we have left can be processed in the way you like.    Email us at and we can tell you how much we have left and you can specify how you want it ground. 

***  Food processed in our facility may contain the following ingredients due to unintentional cross-contact (when the allergen is not an intended ingredient in the product). Although these ingredients are not intended to be part of the mix they are on-site and used in other products and trace amounts may be picked up during packing: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts.

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