Grandma's Homemade White Bread
Grandma's Homemade White Bread
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Grandma's Homemade White Bread

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You'll get all of the ingredients to bake this Bread with detailed instructions. We make these kits on a regular basis and send them out.   You bake the bread and eat it!

Yield: 3 Loaves

Skill Level: Average

A loaf of good white bread is the backbone of many recipes.   This is a moist, light white bread.   The flour used in this recipe is straightforward simple flour. Unbleached, Unbromiated, Locally grown flour from a mill that has been producing this same flour for over 100 years. 

Items in Kit :

  1. Flour Packet #1
  2. Flour Packet #2
  3. Yeast Packet
  4. Sugar Packet 
  5. Recipe

Needed from Home:

  • 5 cups warm water (110 degrees f/45 degrees c)

  • 1/4 tablespoon oil

  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted

  • 3 - 9" X5" loaf pans

  • A thermometer is helpful but not mandatory.

This recipe requires basic baking skills such as mixing, weighing, measuring, taking temperature, kneading etc…   There are directions included but Ideally, you will understand the basics of baking. 


Skill Level Ratings:

    1. Easiest - Simple recipes that are quick and easy. Suitable for children and those with little baking experience. Mix - Pour - Bake recipes with no or few added ingredients. 
    2. Average - Regular baking recipes which may need more added ingredients from home or extra steps than the easiest recipes. These recipes require basic baking skills such as mixing, weighing, measuring, taking temperature, kneading etc…   
    3. Advanced - A recipe that requires added experience or knowledge and/or may take longer to prepare than the average recipe. Not your average recipe but not too challenging for those who want to try something new.
    4. Challenge - These are the most difficult recipes and designed for those looking for something special and enjoy elaborate preparations. These recipes either have a challenging aspect to them such as they take lots of time and attention or there is a finicky step that if you don’t get right will ruin the dish or use of unusual equipment. 


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