"French Silk Brownies" Baking Kit
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"French Silk Brownies" Baking Kit

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You'll get all of the ingredients to bake these delicious Brownies.

These silky smooth brownies are made with real chocolate...not powder and have a beautiful crunchy top.  And as with all of our kits, you won't find artificial colors, additives, or preservatives.  Only clean, natural ingredients. 

Included in Brownie Kit :

  1. Sugar mix packet
  2. Madagascar Real vanilla extract
  3. Flour Mix packet
  4. Semisweet Guittard Artisan Chocolate Maxi Chips (48% Cocoa)

Needed from Home: 

  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 TB unsalted butter, softened
  • 9" X 13" baking pan
  • 4 TB Water

Kits are available in two sizes - Family Size (9"X13" Pan) or Regular Size (8"X8" Pan) 

Guittard Artisan Chocolate:  Hand-select Collection Etienne cacao beans from farms in the world’s most exceptional growing regions. They craft each variety based on how to best celebrate its true flavor, character, and optimal culinary applications. Their respect and craftsmanship promise an authentic, super-premium chocolate experience guaranteed to elevate these brownies.

These French Silk Brownies are not your basic grocery store mix.  We have tested recipes and selected the highest quality ingredients so when you bake them they will taste fine and be pure of artificial flavorings or added preservatives. 


Baking Skill Level: Average.  

This recipe requires basic baking skills such as mixing, weighing, measuring, taking temperature, kneading etc…   There are directions included but Ideally, you will understand the basics of baking 


We noticed there was a problem: 

Many baking mixes (cake mixes, bread mixes, cookie mixes, etc) have a lot of toxic ingredients. Not only are all the extra ingredients unhealthy due to preservatives and additives, but the actual grain used for the flour is also unhealthy. Modern grains are not as nutritious as ancient grains, don’t taste as good, and may contribute to gluten intolerance.


Healthier mixes with high-quality, clean, natural ingredients that taste great!  A subscription-based baking kit service for clean baking mixes with the ingredients you want to have. 

Baking Skill Level Ratings:

    1. Easiest - Simple recipes that are quick and easy. Suitable for children and those with little baking experience. Mix - Pour - Bake recipes with no or few added ingredients. 
    2. Average - Regular baking recipes which may need more added ingredients from home or extra steps than the easiest recipes. These recipes require basic baking skills such as mixing, weighing, measuring, taking temperature, kneading, etc…   
    3. Advanced - A recipe that requires added experience or knowledge and/or may take longer to prepare than the average recipe. Not your average recipe but not too challenging for those who want to try something new.
    4. Challenge - These are the most difficult recipes and are designed for those looking for something special and enjoy elaborate preparations. These recipes either have a challenging aspect to them such as they take lots of time and attention or there is a finicky step that if you don’t get right will ruin the dish or use of unusual equipment. 


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