"Swenson" Dried Sourdough Yeast Starter
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"Swenson" Dried Sourdough Yeast Starter

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Dried sourdough starter in a 2-ounce packet.   It was given to me by a friend and has been a robust starter with a mild taste. We have nicknamed our starter, "Swenson" This is one of our favorite starters ever! We have dried it so it is easier to ship and you don’t have to worry about starting it until you are ready. 

As you feed it and bake with it, it will become your own. Bakers have traded and cherished their bread yeast starters for hundreds of years. Try this starter to make your own make delicious, healthy bread. Start your journey back in time by baking amazing bread for your family.


Warning: You must feed the Sourdough starter regularly.  When you get this start, you will need to rehydrate it and bring it up to full vigor before using it. This usually takes a week of feeding but may be quicker or longer.

Care and feeding instructions are available here.

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